Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Circle CEO To Join Lunch With Justin Sun and Warren Buffett

Just a week before the "Power Lunch" between Tron founder Justin Sun…

Facebook’s ‘Oops, My Bad’ Approach To The Libra Launch

What became abundantly clear during Facebook's congressional hearings this week was that…

Libra Search Data Skyrockets In China

Following Facebook's back-to-back congressional hearings regarding the state of its Libra cryptocurrency…

Binance Finds $775K Worth Of Stellar Tokens

Binance has found itself to be in the possession of $775,000 worth…

4 hours ago
Evolution of #EthereumClassic

h/t @TokenHash
eth_classic photo
Donald McIntyre ☣️🗑️ @TokenHash
2016: ETC will die in days
2017: ETC will die when bubble bursts
2018: ETC will die because no developers
2019: ETC will die because 51% attack
2020: ETC is secure, but not scalable
2021: ETC is a very important base layer blockchain
2030: ETC is worldwide critical infrastructure
9 hours ago
The site provides project info and the endpoints themselves, while the docs show you how to build your own node infrastructure from scratch.

Ethercluster: Open Source Alternative to @infura_io for #ETC & #Eth-based Networks
23 hours ago
With predictions that the original, non-forked chain would disappear within hours of block 1920001, many were surprised to find that miners continued mining blocks and OTC trading of the original chain continued.

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Ethereum Classic!🍾
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1 day ago
Unitimes AMA Recap | How #Ethercluster Allows for True Decentralization of #Dapps by Yaz Khoury ( @Yazanator) of the @ETCCooperative
2 days ago
A refined upgrade to the network, like Atlantis, will make it easy for developers to improve traditional technological methods.

#EthereumClassic Presents Roadmap to Improve #DApp Development and Overall Infrastructure #ETCNews #ClassicIsComing @CryptoAmb
3 days ago
True decentralization is now a reality. With #Ethercluster by @ETCCooperative, projects are no longer exclusively dependent on centralized, trusted third-parties (security holes) such as @infura_io for their node infrastructure.

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